We understand the pressures football clubs and local authorities face to provide high quality playing surfaces 12 months a year.

As specialists in sports turf drainage, with LDCA (Land Drainage Contractors Association) affiliation, we are proficient in installing reliable and effective primary and secondary drainage systems capable of dealing with the toughest weather conditions.

An effective drainage system is essential in maintaining a high quality playing surface.

An effective drainage system will extend the life and enhance the quality of your playing surface by significantly reducing the chances of waterlogging and the subsequent soil compaction that occurs.

Chappelow Sports Turf offers a full drainage system design service, taking account of soil type, topography and available outfalls. We use our own specialist machinery and equipment, all of which are fitted with low ground pressure tyres specifically for these operations to ensure minimal compaction to playing surfaces.

We can deliver both primary and secondary drainage systems which can be installed on an existing playing surface or implemented into the design and build of any new surfaces or facilities.

Primary drainage systems

A primary drainage system consists of a network of lateral drains that carry water to a main drain or outfall and away from the playing surface. Primary drainage systems also form the infrastructure for any subsequent secondary systems.

Secondary drainage

A secondary drainage system can be installed where primary systems are insufficient to disperse all surface water. Secondary drainage systems intercept surface water and convey it rapidly to the lateral drains of the primary system. This ensures that playing surfaces are usable as soon as possible following heavy rainfall.

Typical secondary drainage operations include sand slitting and gravel/sand banding among others.

With a number of Blec Sandmasters in our fleet of machinery, Chappelow Sports Turf is able to relieve compaction and create drainage channels which it fills with sand in one pass; ideal for rejuvenating secondary drainage systems.

The Sandmaster can help a range of different sports grounds and facilities with minimal surface disturbance.

Our Koro Top Drain is unmatched when creating sand-filled drains in turf surfaces.


Sand-filled trenches, or sand slits or interceptor drains allow surface water on the turf surface to be promptly removed in the profile and carried off-site via the previously installed sub-base, piped drainage system.


The machine cuts the trench, backfills it with sand then compacts it, all in one pass, completing the process three trenches at once.


The trench dimensions of:

200mm depth (enough to meet the carrier drainage in most cases) 40mm width (thin enough to ensure the surface does not become `droughty`) 500mm spacing (allowing 40% of the soil profile to be drained) are significantly more effective than competing methods.



Top Drain
Top Drain
Sand Master
Sand Master
Primary Drainage
Primary Drainage

We can provide a rolling programme of remedial solutions to a variety of recreational surfaces including football and rugby pitches, golf courses, cricket grounds, bowling greens and various equestrian sport surfaces.

If you’d like to discuss your next project with us, please get in touch, we’d be happy to help info@chappelowsportsturf.co.uk

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