At Chappelow Sports Turf we aim to breathe new life into your riding surface and return it to its optimal condition quickly by using multiple machines to cover more ground in less time – getting the most out of ever-decreasing recovery windows.

Our range of specialist renovation machinery allows us to provide a variety of services to rejuvenate even the worst affected turf.

Ground aeration is vital as a lack of air in the soil can cause poor growth and grass structure. At Chappelow Sports Turf we can cater for any natural turf surface and carry out a variety of aeration procedures including Verti-Draining and Shockwaving.

There is no set formula when it comes to aeration so we take the time to assess your pitch, make suitable recommendations and, where necessary, blend a variety of aeration techniques to service your recreational surface.

Overseeding is the process of implanting grass seed just under the surface of the ground and sealing the holes to ensure the seed germinates and grows rapidly. Overseeding replenishes worn, high-use areas of playing surfaces such as goalmouths and tees by introducing new cultivars into the sward.

A disc seeder first creates slits which the seed is then dropped into, with the rear roller then closing these slits. Seeding is carried out in two to three different directions across the surface to give an even coverage; resulting in a thick, strong turf.

Chappelow Sports Turf operates a variety of overseeding machinery allowing us to cater for a variety of sports, clubs and facilities.

Chappelow Sports Turf utilises a variety of sand spreading machinery to disperse sand to level and repair playing surface irregularities that result from heavy usage or adverse weather conditions.

Fibresand is a reinforced sand product that provides extra stability to the turf surface. Polypropylene fibres are added to the sand that reinforces the rootzone resulting in a stronger and tighter surface that is more resistant to divots.

Due to its hard-wearing properties Fibresand is normally incorporated into winter sports pitches as it keeps the surface in a good playable condition throughout the season. Using the latest machinery Chappelow Sports Turf can provide Fibresand installation tailored to your club or facility’s surface.

Verti-Draining helps alleviate waterlogging and deep aerates the ground to promote healthy growth. The ‘Verti-Drain’ decompacts soil on sports pitches by inserting equally spaced holes in the turf which allow water and air to filter through to the grass roots.

Chappelow Sports Turf utilises several Verti-Drain units which can use tines from 10mm to 30mm depending on your requirements.

The Imants Shockwave uses a slightly different approach to revitalise areas of the turf which are more heavily worn. The Shockwave is a linear decompactor, rejuvenating heavy wear areas by relieving soil compaction, improving aeration and removing surface water.

Reputed to be the world’s fastest PTO driven rotary decompactor, the Shockwave offers linear aeration, which creates slits instead of holes and also heaves the soil surface too.

The Koro Field Top Maker is a revolutionary turf renovation tool that has transformed the time it takes to grow sports pitches to maturity from scratch. Used for removing thatch build up, weeds, or the entire turf surface, the efficiency of this machine has led to the industry recognised term ‘Koroing’.

The Koro Field Top Maker can be used on all sports grounds and simply planes off the existing weaker grasses leaving the stronger rooted desirable ryegrasses.

Chappelow Sports Turf is able to maintain and refurbish any natural playing surface which has been installed with Desso. We have invested in a large amount of specialist equipment which allows us to renovate and maintain these surfaces with impressive results.

Chappelow Sports Turf operates a range of stone raking and collection equipment for all sizes of stones and other debris.

The removal of stones from recreational surfaces is vital to ensure it remains in optimal condition as well as preventing injury to your players or the general public. It is also a process that muse be carried out before any construction, renovation or seeding projects.

Fraze Mow
Fraze Mow

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